XBee S2 to Internet of Things

Hello All

I have created a star network with XBee S2 and would like to upload data to internet (Cloud) for sharing using platforms such as COSM, thingspeak or Open.sen.se.

At the moment I am bale to POST data Feeds using single Xbee and single sensor. I would like to POST , two sensor values, each connected to one remote Xbee giving voltage and temperature and then separately putting this data on cloud.

Anyone has any idea as how can i do this. Using Arduino Mega, i am able to display 2 sensor vlaues on serial monitor, but how to post this as a feed on thingspeak, Open.sen.se or COSM?

I will be using Arduino with Ethernet Shiled.

Hope this will also give opportunity for others to learn and discuss as well.

Looking forward for your advices.

Hello rajeev1986,

It’s not the answer to your problem, but you migth be interested in XBee Internet Gateway (XIG) project. It is a PC application that is capable of uploading data from XBee modules to iDigi Cloud service.

In the Programmable XBee SDK there are two examples included showing how to operate with this software. Despite it is for Programmable XBees (not the regular S2 ones) you should be able to do the same thing with an Arduino.

Best regards,