XBee S2C set broadcat mode and one tp one mode

I am using XCTU v6.3.2 with XBee S2C.

I want to set S2C to broadcast mode and one to one mode.

I configure coordinator and 1 routers with XBee with below configuration.

Coordinator Enable=1

Router 1
Coordinator Enable=0

But it can’t work. It also can’t search a new remote devise.
How can I slove this problem?

Try simply issuing a network rest (ATNR0) on your router. That should force the router to re-associated to the coordinator and allow communications to occur?

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How to issuing a network rest on my router?

First you plug the radio into a PC via an interface board.
Next, launch XCTU and Discover the radio
Using the Terminal function of XCTU, issue the command mode sequence to enter command mode “+++”

Once in command mode indicated by the “ok” response, issue the local network reset AT command “ATNR0” followed by a

It can’t work.
I just want to let two S2C to communicate with each other.
How to set the radio configuration?

If the router is associated, the settings you have would work. If it is not working and there is no communications in either direction, then they are most likely not associated or you have an antenna problem.

Doing a Network reset on the router is the best way to find out. When done properly, you will notice that the Association indicator will go solid and then start flashing. That flashing is what shows it has associated. For association to function, you must be able to have two way communications. You can also verify this process by querying the ATAI command after the NR0 was issued.

I will change the antenna. And, I want to ask more detail.

Once in command mode indicated by the “ok” response, issue the AT command “ATNR0”. What is the next?

You will get an OK indicating that the command was accepted and issued. If you then were to Query the AI command repeatedly, you would be able to see the modules association process.

I changed the antenna and it work successfully.
But when I set the S2C to broadcast mode and sleep mode didn’t open (SM=0), it delay sometimes.
How can I fix this problem?

Broadcast mode requires delays between transmissions. This is done by design to allow for the packets to propagate through the network. So there is no way to prevent delays from accruing on a broadcast type transmission.

Thank you for the information