XBee S3B Pro 900HP Programmable: N to 1 communication?

I am seeking examples on how an N to 1 topology might be implemented on the programmable variant of this device.

1 Admin/Coordinator node
N Routers/endpoints that maybe send a data point or two

Specifically I am interested in understanding, in code, how the admin node maintains this list of clients and how periodic updates are traditionally sent. The example ‘at_cmd_remote_dm’ is good, but it has the user manually specify an address and steps through some NI and DH examples afterwards. I’d like to see something where an admin ND’s all nodes on location and stores them in a list while they all send updates to the admin.



You need to enter the response from the DM into a table. Then you can use that table to pull your Tx request packets with.

Is it more fluid within this protocol to have the admin node request updates, or just initiate them at the sensor/endpoint node?

It would be better for you to do a Poll request from the parent.

Is it practical for the child to initiate a network discovery so the admin node doesn’t have to do periodic ND’s? In my particular topology, the child/non-admin nodes are always expecting to see an Admin with the same NI.

Sure, the end device or child node can perform the rout discovery.