xbee sensor does not have IR parameter


We have a T/H/L xbee sensor and following the instructions http://www.digi.com/wiki/developer/index.php/XBee_Sensors#Configuration_Settings

The sensor we received does not have an IR parameter in XCTU radio configuration. Does anyone know why this parameter is referenced in config doc but does not exist on the sensor radio configuration?

Sensor is associated with network but is not sending data.

I set IR via remote command and the device is sending data.

I am curious why in XCTU Radio Configuration some parameters are not shown and how hiding parameters is accomplished, any doc that describes this?

xBee in sensor appears to be old. It is a S2 XB24-Z7WIT revM.

Thanks in advance…

Yes, when that product was developed, it was designed to work with the Digi Gateway products and Python. In the Python code is where you were meant to configure the module and not via XCTU. Hence some of the commands like IR are not exposed in XCTU’s MXI file but still exist in the firmware.