Xbee won't work in XCTU even with reset.

Hi I having an issue with my XBEE in which regardless of what I do, XCTU will not detect the XBEE.

The “Action required” message will not go away despite my efforts. I have tried the reset by shortening and even using the reset on the XBEE shield does not help. The message simply will not go away.

The chip itself is still functional as I have tested it with an arduino board (serial in/out to another xbee chip).

There are rare occasions before, the message does not appear and the XCTU program does detect it. But I simply cannot emulate it now.

I have scoured the net for a solution but have yet to find one. If I’ll be highly appreciative if anyone could help me.

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I’ve had similar problems to that. I wasn’t using an arduino and had the xbee on the socketed digi prototype board. I reseated the module and made sure it booted properly. I had to repeat the ‘write’ procedure in XCTU a few times before it finally worked.

As far as I could tell the socket of the prototype boards wear out over time and that causes problems. Perhaps the xbee/Arduino combo has the same problem.

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No, the arduino simply does not provide all of the necessary connections in order to write or recover firmware to the radio.

Does this mean that the XBEE shield will not be able to peform recovery of the XBEE boards? I’m currently using a XBEE USB adapter which is a variant of the XBEE Explorer series. Any idea if that could be the reason why some of my chips work and some don’t?

Depending on the version of the board you have, it could very well be the same case with the Spark fun boards.