XBee zb point to point issues

Hello all.
I have two XB24-Z7UIT modules. My aim is to have a transparent point to point link. These are the configurations and relevant parameters:

1)Zigbee Router AT, pin hibernate mode, destination address set to the receiving module
2)Zigbee Coordinator AT, destination address set to transmitting module. SP=0xAF0, SN=0xFFFF, to avoid router beeing disconnected after a long sleep period,

Coordinator is always on, router wakes after some impredictable time (maybe very long) and transmits a few bytes. In practice, my microcontroller put the SLEEP pin to zero, waits for the ON pin going high, and then sends five bytes through the serial port.

All this basically works, but not always. Sometimes happens that five bytes got lost.

It’s not completely clear to me what happens when I release the SLEEP pin, I’ve only partially understood the documentation. How can I have some feedback from the Router, what is it doing, why are the bytes lost? Has he found the Coordinator, or not?

What about the 802.15.10 modules? Are they more suited (simpler) for a point to point transparent connection? Has anyone some experience about?

Thank you.

You need to be monitoring CTS and not the On Sleep line. The CTS line will tell you when the radio is able to send and receive data.

Yes, using the 802.15.4 modules along with the CTS line would be the valid solution.