XBee3 802.15.4 RF Module loose firmware settings


I use Bee3 802.15.4 RF modules with SPI port and sometimes the AT settings return to their default state when working. Sometimes is even worse, and some settings are complete erroneous and different of the default state.

I use API Mode Without Escapes to send and receive data’s, 16-bit Transmit Request - 0x01 frame with broadcast address and I receive with 16-bit Receive Packet - 0x81 frame.

I don’t change settings with AT command when working only when I start the board.

What could be the problem?

There is a possibility to protect the firmware settings and don’t allow to be changed?

Any idea on how to solve that problem?


I would suggest setting the Encryption function as you could be receiving remote AT commands causing the issue.

Ok, I set that. I will report here if it works.