Zigbee firmware

Dear viewers,

I have purchased a zigbee module with out base its specfications are
XBee s2
004 revk
But i cannot get the firmware in XCTU software even its updated through web.
Its showing message that "Modem configuration not found " so i cannot read or write any value so my questions are

  1. where i get its firmware?
  2. zigbee cannot work without adapter or base (now i am giving 3.3v through external power supply and connected to rs 232 port through max 232 ic and transmitter to micro controller.)
  3. only a single unit paring requried?
    please help me i cannot complete my project without these things.


Check the serial port configuration, 115200 or 9600 bps (No flow contro, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stopbit). Also, don’t forget to add the recommended capacitors if you are not using an XBIB.

I don’t understand questions 2 and 3.

PowerSupply Design
Poor power supply can lead to poor radio performance, especially if the supply voltage is not kept within
tolerance or is excessively noisy. To help reduce noise, we recommend placing both a 1uF and 8.2pF capacitor
as near to pin 2 on the PCB as possible. If using a switching regulator for your power supply, switching
frequencies above 500kHz are preferred. Power supply ripple should be limited to a maximum 250mV peak to
Note – For designs using the programmable modules, an additional 10F decoupling cap is recommended near
pin 2 of the module. The nearest proximity to pin 2 of the three caps should be in the following order: 8.2pf,
1uF followed by 10uF.

The documentaiton can be found here: