zigbee s2c point to multipoint arduino project network question

Hi there, I have few questions about my arduino project. I have to control 11 lights by using a tx module with buttons on it. Lights should be lit up simultaneously and without any delay. I have zigbee s2c modules and planning to use in api mode star configuration. Which firmware should I flash my xbees IEEE802.15.4 or zigbee th for the best results? Also I downloaded the api library for arduino andrewapp did the setup properly but it gave me the error “xbee does not name a type” what could be wrong about it? Finally Can I do this project on the coding side by using serial.read/write commands ?

Use the 802.15.4 but note that you are going to have delays.

Sounds like you told it to use an S2C and it does not require that. All it needs is for the radio to be in API mode.

How much delay we are talking about? if its around 270ms in 25 meters its ok for me.

If you are sending out a broadcast packet then it is well under that.