15 Brand new USB XBEE Pro S1 product class RS-232--won't program, f/w update causes lockup

Hello all, we purchased (1P) XA-A14-CE1P; my test unit (purchased/configured last year) was recognized by XCTU (v 6.1.2) and I confirmed the product name and firmware of “XBEE PRO 802.15.4” & “10e6” respectively.

(8) brand new units (what I thought were same product) show the product name and firmware of “XBEE PRO 802.15.4 RS-232” & “11ec” respectively; if any of these were to be programmed (requires firmware update to radio), they would no longer be recognized by Windows (windows update does not successfully install driver).

(5) of the units I attempted to configure (updated firmware) and are not responsive to XCTU recover functions; these units try to unsuccessfully load something called ‘Microsoft BallPoint’ during driver installation.

any suggestions?

Update: seems our USB adapters were programmed with the wrong firmware. XCTU version 6.1.2 locks them up when I configure them or attempt to update the firmware. Version 6 would not see the device after update firmware and connecting to any PC windows would not successfully install the driver.

Reverted to XCTU version, now able to re-program and configure. Version 5 allows file manipulation/viewing without having a radio connected.