AIO/DIO ports on XBP09-DM

I’m using regulated (250ma) boards that had Xbee Series 2 installed and was using AIO channels 1-3 for reading sensor data and running AT mode (‘ATIS’ command).

Needing more range and speed, I just swapped in Xbee Pro 900 Digimesh units, configured the channels for AIO (D0->D3) in XCTU and nothing works with my software, there’s no response from the AIO channels. passing data in AT mode is fine.

I swapped back to the series2 and it still works on those channels. What am I doing wrong here? I am using the 3.3V supply from the Xbee as Vref to my sensors.

I did convert a channel to a DIO and hooked up a switch and it works… baffled?

Are you are using the Xbee ZB AIO Adapter from Digi?

The S2 and XBP09-DM have drastically different ADC voltages, plus that product has some very weird internal ‘self-calibrations’ which requires special firmware in the XBee. One needs to use some DIO to MUX analog references around and all.