AnywhereUSB periodically rebooting

On AnywhereUSB device are the following error messages (AnywhereUSB periodically rebooting and/or disconnecting from the host):

Event log range 00000000…00000003 (4 entries)
Record # Data

00000000 Software Reboot (Host Inactivity)
Firmware v2.30.0005 Uptime 11d 10hrs 42min 10s
00000001 Software Reboot (Host Inactivity)
Firmware v2.30.0005 Uptime 3hrs 59min 44s
00000002 Software Reboot (Host Inactivity)
Firmware v2.30.0005 Uptime 2d 3hrs 56min 46s
00000003 Software Reboot (Host Inactivity)
Firmware v2.30.0005 Uptime 1d 17hrs 57min 25s

Any Idea?
(Firmware: v2.30, Driver: 2.90.11, Configuration: AnywhereUSB+Dongle)


Is this causing a problem? Is the AnywhereUSB actually periodically rebooting and/or disconnecting? Or are you just concerned or curious about the information in the logs?

Yes, this is causing a problem with my Server. The application process “cardink_server” dies after a reboot of this device. DIGI AnywhereUSB (5 Gen 1) actually periodically rebooting and/or disconnecting.

Add info: W’re using VMWare ESX, DIGI AnywhereUSB + Dongle is connected “locally” via a crossed network cable directly to the VMWare ESX server. On virtual host we’ve 3 virtual instances and one of them has this problem (other two environments are in the Trial Version(without DIGI+dongle), but they have no significance for us at all). For instance who has a problem is made a link by cross cable with DIGI AnywhereUSB.

We’re aware of this issue happening when some “high end” managed switches are used with the AnywhereUSB, but not with a direct crossover connection. I suggest first updating the AnywhereUSB driver to the current release, via the download link just below. If that doesn’t help, experiment with the Speed & Duplex settings to see if that helps. Since it’s not possible to change that on the AnywhereUSB hardware itself, you’d need to make that change on the network interface of the virtual machine and/or the ESX server, that’s used to connect directly to the AnywhereUSB.



Refer to KBase article