AnywhereUSB stopped to respond


We have a AnywhereUSB device that stopped to respond while a server was trying to connect to the device.
The device not answered the ICMP communication and the web interface was not available.
The Led status was blinking green over red. How I did not have logical access to the device I restarted the device.

What could have caused the problem? The most important, how to prevent this? The manual just indicates to contact Digi Technical Support.

Detail of our device:
Model: AnywhereUSB/5 MHC
Firmware Version:
Boot Version:
POST Version:


The hardware (ethernet port) may have gone bad on this unit. You might want to try factory resetting the unit:

If this does not work, I recommend contacting Digi Tech. Support to pursue possible repair.

If this does work to recover the unit, I recommend updating the the most current firmware and driver releases from Digi’s web site for possible prevention.