AnywhereUSB System return from Sleep

I am using an AnywhereUSB/2 with a Windows 7 x64 system that uses sleep (S3) mode. On return from sleep the RealPort hub and USB devices attached get removed from Windows. I am then unable to attach to the AnywhereUSB unless I change IP addresses of the unit, or reboot the system. Reboot of the AnywhereUSB itself does not do anything.

Has anyone come across anything like this? I am going to try and use the API to disconnect then re-connect the AnywhereUSB.

Please refer to the knowledge base articles for this issue


Update device with newer firmware and driver

Those links don’t work.

Below are the new working links that are referenced above;

My question was similar, but I think I answered it already. I needed to right-click on Group1 and select “Enable auto connect.”