APS management service support in XBee ZB firmware?

Recently I reviewed the latest XBee ZB RF module spec (90000976_L) and zigbee aliance’s pulic documents such as ZigBee specification 2007, ZigBee cluster library (r04) and ZigBee Home Automation Profile.
I want to find if it is possible to implement a server and client applications to simulate ZigBee HA devices on PC with a USB XBee stick. XBee spec says it could support ZCL/ZDO/Public profile commands with Explicit TX/RX api frame. I believe it but the problem is some management features seem not handled in none of these api frames.

I searched some old threads and I have all the questions they metionded. But there are no reply really answered them well.

Here are the question threads.

  1. Application Support (APS) sub layer
  2. ZB ZigBee complianze

As far as I can see, there is no APS management interface support in XB ZB firmware, so APS group and binding functions may be impossible to implement via its UART-API frames. Group and Binding are very important features for most of automation applications.

I hope I am wrong about this conclusion and then I can simulate a public profile device with XBee ZB radios.

If someone knows how to get that implemented or has clear answer to my questions, please tell me here. Thank you.

Hello, I am also looking for support for device bindings on XBee series 2 modules with ZB firmware.

Does anyone have some updated information about this?

It is possible to create the code required for home automation in the Freescale of the programmable Xbee. However, depending on what you want to accomplish you may not have enough code room. It is possible to special order in a 128k Flash Xbee programmable from Digi, but I hear that you would need to be ordering at least a 1,000 modules—talk to Digi sales about availability. Note that home automation could be coded in Python on a gateway as well.
Digi does not have any code examples for implementing the home automation profile at current. Maybe someone will do it and post it on github.com along with the Digi ANSI C API library… Note that it is impossible to code home automation on the EM250, it takes the EM357 at minimum.