Can "ConnectPort X2e ZigBee SE Router, Ethernet and Wi-Fi" be HA cordinator at the same time?

Thank you for the answer. I consider purchasing “ConnectPort X2e ZigBee SE Router, Ethernet and Wi-Fi”. Could you help with two related questions? 1. Can the device be re-programmed as SE coordinator or HA profile router? Does this device allow firmware modification? 2. In general can a zigbee chip be programmed as SE router and HA(home automation) coordinator at the same time? I am wondering if I need two zigbee chips or one can work as different profile roles. Thank you.

No, this is not possible. The Smart Energy gateways only support the Smart Energy profile, changes can void certification. You will likely want separate gateways to accomplish both Smart Energy (ConnectPort X2e SE) and HA profiles (ConnectPort X2e ZB).