cannot enter into programming mode

this is nikhileswar m using xbeepro series 2 its module number is xbp24-b . my problem is i cant enter into programming mode .
ex: i cant configure my module as coordinator and(write)the changes

Hello Nikhileswar,

I’m assuming that you are using XCTU:

Make sure it’s configured to use 9600 baud and non-API mode. XCTU -> PC settings -> baud = 9600, uncheck ‘API enable’.

Then goto ‘modem configuration’, select your firmware, check ‘write firmware always’, and click the ‘write’ button. It may display a ‘info’ screen asking you to reboot the module. At that point, you just press the reset button and it should then say ‘programming modem’.



i am eager to use xbee with out any external controller
to toggel relays or leds .if ther is a way please send me how to access it

Read the Xbee manual for your particular XBee model. For example, for the XB24-ZB (or Z7) modules it is:

There are commands to raise and lower digital pins, read analog pins, read digital pins.

For example, sending the AT command D1=5 will set a particular pin high remotely.