Xbee problems

I´ve a problem with my xbee pro series2 of 2.4ghz, I don´t know what happened but it´s blocked. I tried to reset it with a wire connecting in the rst and gnd pin, but nothing. I don´t have any module with reset button, I only have the ftdi adapter.
When I want to write I have the following error:
Getting modem type…OK
Programming modem…Lost communication with modem
Write Parameters…Failed

And this one when I want to read it:
Failed to enter command mode
Unable to read Version (ATVR)
Read parameters…Failed.

any idea???

Are you sure you have the right baud selected? API mode?
Sometimes after programming the default settings (maybe by accident) it sets the xBee to default to 9600 buad.
Com port settings correct?
Etc. Just run through all the possibilities.

Yes. You should check whether you are in API mode.
If you are in API mode, the “read” will not work.

What flow control type is set on PC Settings tab? Have you tried Hardware flow? None?