Comm Port Numbers Don't Match

HW: Edgeport/8
OS: Win 7 Ultimate x64

Issue: The comm port numbers reported by Windows device manager do not match the comm port numbers in the Edgeport Configuration Utility or the physical comm port.

Question: Please advise how to get Windows device manager to report the correct comm port number on the devices page.

The good news: It works perfectly and the hardware is actually recognized on the comm ports reported by the Edgeport Configuration Utility.

Thanks in advance,


Hello Mack,

Which Edgeport driver version are you running? To determine this, run the Edgeport Configuration Utility then click the Version tab and note the version of the first file “edgeser64.sys”.

Edgeser64.sys is version 5.30.02 size 264704 Date 5/5/10 06:21

Did you notice this after initially installing the Edgeport? Or did this happen later, for example, after you might have changed the COM port configuration of the Edgeport? If so, exactly how did you change the Edgeport COM port assignments? Through the Edgeport Configuration Utility or through Windows Device Manager? And what are the COM port numbers?

Yes, this occurred after Edgeport was installed. I changed every comm port number in Edgeport using the Edgeport Configuration Utility. Edgeport was used to change the numbers.

Edgeport is reporting: 1-12, 2-5, 3-6, 4-32, 5-9, 6-17, 7-30, 8-31

Device Mgr is reporting: 1-6, 2-4, 3-10, 4-7, 5-9, 6-5, 7-30, 8-31 but the correct Edgeport comm ports are correct on the advance tab in device manager

Real Comm ports are: 11, 4, 19

What is the 50xxxxxx part number and revision of the Edgeport/8? Check the white label on the bottom of the unit to determine this.

PN: 50001231-01 A

Thanks. I initially suspected the issue might be related to certain Edgeport variants/chipsets but that does not seem to be the case. I easily re-created this issue using different kinds of Edgeports.

It looks like the cause of the issue is related to more stringent permissions that Vista and Windows 7 have that aren’t allowing us to write the new “friendly names” to the registry. We will try to fix that in the next driver.

In the meantime, just disregard what you are seeing in Device Manager and instead “trust” what you are seeing in the Edgeport Configuration Utility instead. The COM port assignments in the Edgeport Configuration Utility should be accurate. Device Manager will probably only show what the original COM port numbers were, even after you change them through the Edgeport Configuration Utility.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Thank you for the help and investigation. At least a know a potential fix is in the works.
As I said, it works perfectly just doesn’t match device manager.

Any progress on fixing this issue?