EdgePort 2c - Windows7 x64 not updating 'FriendlyName'

Windows 7 Pro x64, version driver. EdgePort 2/c. UAC disabled, user account has administrator privledges.

When I change the COM port assignment in the configuration utility, the windows friendly name does not get changed. Checking the ports shows that it has indeed been reassigned to the new COM port. Also shows correctly in the EdgePort Configuration Utility.

For example if it says ‘EdgePort [W-101…-0] Serial Port - 1 (COM4)’ before I use the configuration utility to assign the port to COM1 it still says ‘COM4’ after I assign it, not ‘COM1’.

Unfortunately, this proves to be very confusing for the average user because when they go to make a COM port selection in a Windows application, they see what is in the registry key ‘FriendlyName’ as the list of available ports. And it hasn’t been updated to reflect the reassignment.

If I go into device manager, get the advanced properties for the port and set it to some other port, then set it back to the one I want it to be on, then the windows friendly name will show up properly.

What can I do to get the ‘FriendlyName’ registry key to update properly when thr port assignment has been changed with the EdgePort Configuration Utility?


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, however we are already aware of this issue and it will be fixed in the next Edgeport driver release.

To work around this issue, as you’ve observed, you should ignore what you see in Device Manager and trust what you see in the Edgeport Configuration Utility instead.