Edgeport / COM-Port Assignment / Windows 7 64bit

Hello, we are using Edgeport/8 USB/RS232 adapters in our company.

Sometimes we get problems with the COM-Port assignment on Windows 7 64-Bit systems.

We use the Ionetworks driver 5.3.

  1. Sometimes some COM-Ports are inverted.
    We expect the COM-Ports in ascending order for example 3, 4, …, 10.
    Or if we change the adapter, COM-Ports with 11, 12, …, 18.

    But sometimes the order is wrong, for example 3, 5, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

  2. If I try to correct it with the Edgeport configuration utility, running from C:\Windows\System32\Edgeport64.exe with administrator rights, nothing happens.

The same behavior occurs on single or dual core computers.

  1. Edgeport configuration utility and the ionport.ini are working only, if no driver for the COM-Ports is installed.
    My understanding is:

    • plug in the adapter
    • install the driver for the edgeport/8 devices (this installs the Edgeport configuration utility)
    • now I can create an ionport.ini file with the Edgeport configuration utility
    • now I can install the driver for the COM-Ports (in order defined in the ionport.ini)

    But if I want to change the COM-Ports now, after installing the driver, it is not possible with the ionport.ini.

  2. Another matter or error is, I have to disable the UAC, if I want to uninstall the driver with the Edgeport configuration utility.
    In the logfile is written, that the OEMx.inf files were deleted. But the OEMx.pnf files were not deleted.

  3. Our problem is the case of services. We have costumer with the adapter and we have the computer.
    The customer is not able to install the driver with a complicated procedure, if we send him the computer.
    So it is necessary to send us the adapter, so we can configure the whole system.
    The problem is that the COM-Port assignment uses the ID of the adapter.
    What can you recommend me to do in this case?

Edgeport properties:
edgeser64.sys = 5.30.02
ionenum64.sys = 5.00.03
edgecoin64.dll = 5.00.03
impscoin64.dll = 5.00.03
edgeport64.exe = 5.58.5
COM Port Assignment = Based on converter serial number.

Please, can you help us?

Best regards
André Nollau


Thanks for the detailed information.

The v5.30 Edgeport driver is the current release and it’s compatible with Windows 7, so that is the version you should be using.

About #1, the COM ports are inverted acccording to what? Device Manager or the Edgeport Configuration Utility? Or both? The Edgeport Configuration Utility is the best place to look - in other words, it should be trusted over Device Manager. Also, if you haven’t already, click the Refresh button in the Edgeport Configuration Utility to see if that changes they way the COM ports are listed.

Also, are you seeing this behavior with just one particular Edgeport/8 unit, or “across the board” with any Edgeport/8 unit that you use?

About #2, I’m not sure what you mean. What do you mean by “correct it”? What exactly are you doing in the Edgeport Configuration Utility then?

About #3, the ionport.ini file should be created before the Edgeport is installed. This file applies to “new” Edgeports, for example an Edgeport that hasn’t been connected to the computer before.

If you ever want to change the COM port of an Edgeport (after the Edgeport is installed), you should use the Configure button in the Edgeport Configuration Utility. Never use Device Manager to change Edgeport COM port assignments, as that could cause problems.

About #4, are you saying that, if UAC is enabled, then the OEMx.pnf files are not deletec? But if UAC is disabled, then the OEMx.pnf files are deleted?

About #5, this is why we provide ionport.ini. With ionport.ini you can pre-configure the COM port assignments which makes it easy for end users to simply plug in the Edgeport. You also might want to experiment with the “Unattended installation” (see the Advanced folder where the Edgeport driver is extracted for documentation) so end users do not have to specify the driver for the Edgeport.

Hello Jeremym, thank you for the information.
I need some time, to think about it.

Best regards
André Nollau

I need to remap the ports whcih are currently all greater than COM8 and have some software that only supports numbers below 8. Any way to do this?


If you’re looking to change the COM port assignments for an Edgeport, you should use the Edgeport Configuration Utility to do that. If the Edgeport driver is installed then you should have a shortcut on the Windows Start Menu to the Edgeport Configuration Utility, either in the Inside Out Networks or Digi USB Program Group. Run that utility, click the Configure button, change the COM ports as needed, then click OK. Afterwards, unplug the USB cable from the Edgeport and plug it back in. Then click Refresh at the bottom-right of the Edgeport Configuration Utility and double-click the Edgeport to expand it. Confirm that the COM port numbers have changed successfully, then close the Edgeport Configuration Utility.