Why does my Edgeport 4 scramble its port numbers?

In one installation on a Windows 8.1 system, an Edgeport 4 set for COM 4,5,6,7 has mixed up its port definitions. Its ports are now 7,5,4,6 and my software is talking to the wrong devices. This is the second time it has happened with this PC/Edgeport combination.

I have used 20 or more Edgeport’s over the past 10 years. Its main advantage for me has been its ability to keep its port numbers in order. A stack of FT232 adapters can be set up for, say, com 4,5,6,7, but they often get scrambled on reboot. Until this year, I have never seen that behavior from an edgeport.

Is this a known problem on Windows 8.1 or should I just swap out the Edgeport?

I saw the same problem when I went from Xp to Win 7 a few years back.