connect Arduino Uno via Logic Level Shifter SN74LVC245AN with Xbee

I am struggeling with my connection between my arduino and the Xbee (series 2) via a SN74LVC245AN level shifter
the connection works with the xbee adapter kit

I probably connected the wrong voltage (5V) to the Vcc pin on the level shifter…
Hope it’s not dead yet, otherwise I should have a replacement.

Could you also explain what the pins Vcc, Dir & OE are used for?
Dir for direction?
According to the function table (attached) - do I have to switch off/on the current for pins OE and Dir, depending on the direction of the dataflow?

I posted the same question on, but did get now response.
There you’ll find a blueprint of my cabeling - I guess I have to change the connection to the Vcc pin on the level shifter to 3,3V, right?
And also wire the OE and Dir pins (is this possible via two digital output pins from the arduino)?

Does it mather, when I’m just using two pins (A1/A2 - B1/B2) - maybe you know if I need more connections for the Xbee?

Best regards!

I would suggest looking at the manual for the 3rd party chip located at It should help you determine what the lines are and how to connect them, Just remember that the XBee side is 3V and the arduino side is 5V.

Thanks, I will follow up on this one as soon as my setup is working as expected - probably further and more precise questions will come up then :wink: