Connect SP RS232 - Wildcard match strings and multi-target IP

Hi All

Just bought a Connect SP. I have a several IP devices that I want to control via IP from Serial input.

I have a few questions

  1. My Denon receiver drops the connection after every command (by design apparently) and the device I’m sending from doesn;t support any form of handshaking. It seems the only option I have is to use the timeout, which means I have wait 1 sec between commands. This a pain when doing channel leve up/down (10 secs+ to increase/decrease by 10 steps). Is there a way around this?

  2. Because the sending serial device doesn’t support handshaking at all, I have to use string match (I think). Does this support wildcards (e.g. use * to match every string)? It doesn’t look like it does, so it looks like I need to put something like “DENON_” in front of every command and strip it off. This should work fine, but seems unnecessary if I’m sending all commands to one IP.

Is there a way to set the target IP, so one SP can send commands to several IP devices? What would be cool is if you could do something like match IP addresses to match strings, so if I do DENON_CMD to would send CMD to IP A and if I do SONY_CMD it would send CMD to IP B based on “DENON_” being mapped IP A and “SONY_” being mapped to IP B. I didn’t see a way to do this, but maybe I’m looking in wrong place



you can do this if the SP is in UDP mode. From it you can define multiple targets. this can be setup in the SP web interface at: homepage -> configuration -> serial ports -> serial port 1 -> change profile -> (select udp sockets). click ‘apply’. then you can define targets at: ‘udp client settings’

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Thanks for the info!