Connecting to computer after random periods of time

We have 10 AnywhereUSB devices (first generation) connected to a single computer running Windows XP. The Anywhere USBs have 2 to 4 Agilent USB RF power meters attached. All of the units attach to the host computer and run for some amount of time (usually at least an hour). After a while one or more of the units status change from connected to connecting. The only way to get communication resumed is to reboot the host computer. I read the FAQ about this. Each Anywhere USB unit has a static IP address as does the host computer. The host computer IP address is not duplicated. Some of the AnywhereUSB units are connected to Cisco ESW 520 switches (saw the comment about this issue on higher end switches) and some are connected to some industrial 4 port switches. The connecting issue occurs on all units and both types of switches. I wouldn’t consider the switches to be high end switches like is mentioned in the knowledge base. Any thoughts?


Thanks for the detailed info.

If you haven’t already, try some other switches, i.e. SOHO-style switches, if that’s feasible. Or put some other SOHO-style switches in between the current switches and the AWUSB’s.

You’re welcome to open a support case with Digi. If so, please reference your forum thread ID (9247). We can set you up to get a log file of capturing this issue, and analyze it, to see if anything sticks out regarding the cause of the issue.

Contact Digi Technical Support.
Also try updating firmware n driver