dccl_cmp.exe produces nothing under Windows 10

Using DCRABBIT_9.62

  1. Invoking dccl_cmp.exe under windows 10 to build main.c results in no errors or binary.
  2. The same project builds successfully under windows 7, producing a binary.

We are migrating our build from windows 7 to windows 10 due to EOL and security concerns.

What are our options?

I tried invoking the following command on Windows 10 and it successfully created pong.bin for a targetless option:
“dccl_cmp pong.c -rf MyTCparameters.rti” (Targeless option)

With target attached.
“dccl_cmp -pf myproject.dcp main.c” (Target attached)

I use Dynamic C 9 under Windows 10 regularly, including the command-line compiler.

Do you have the same project settings as on the Windows 7 machine? Directory layout? LIB.DIR contents?

If you just run dccl_cmp.exe without parameters, do you see the usage instructions? If not, it could be Windows 10 blocking the application for some reason.

What are you using in your command line?