Delayed access to X2 after device reboot?

I am told (didn’t do this myself personally) that after restarting the gateway, the device is unavailable through the web admin ui for a very long time. Is this correct/normal behavior? Is there a way to change this or to work around this?


How did you restart the X2? Did you click the reboot link found in the X2’s WebUI under Adminstration (i.e. outside of iDigi Platform), or by doing the reboot operation from your iDigi Platform console?

Once you reboot, how are you trying to access the “web admin ui”?

There will always be ‘some delay’ after a reboot, so the questions become:

  1. roughly how long?
  2. how consistant is it.

Generally 20-30 seconds in enough with the X4 which I use (technically I watch the XBee link light, and one can reconnect as soon as the Xbee/coordinator link goes active).

But do be aware that after a HARD FACTORY RESET which deletes all old parameters, the X2 (any Digi product supporting HTTPS/SSL) could be very unresponsive for 10 or even 20 minutes as it struggles to locate a new DH private key pair by testing thousands (or millions) of 1024-bit numbers for factors/primeness.