Deleting data files

I would like to remove some of my test files from the iDigi platform. When I select a data folder or individual file and right mouse click, I see a Delete option. When I try to delete a folder or file, I receive the following error message:
“Unable to connect to iDigi Connectivity Server Please contact Digi International directly for assistance at

I also tried the Red X option from the menu after selecting a file and get the same results. Do
I have to do something special to remove files?


You’re doing it correctly. There is currently an issue where users may not be able to delete content that is pushed up by the device. There is a fix in progress that should take care of this.

Until that fix is available, a workaround is to remove and re-add the particular device through the Devices tab. This will clear out the contents under that device’s folder. Additionally, it should at least temporarily make it so that folders/files pushed up by that device can be deleted. If you do this, make sure you backup anything under that device’s folder that you wish to save.

Chris Popp

Thanks, that took care of it.