Digiboard Acceleport 8r 920 PCI Board interface with Specialix 16 Port RTA

I have the “Digiboard 50000490-05 Acceleport 8r 920 PCI Board” installed in a Windows 2003 Terminal Server that connects to a Specialix 16 Port RTA device which then connects to a UNIX server. Using my RDC(Remote Desktop Connection) from a remote XP Pro computer thru a VPN Terminal services connection I am not able to connect to the UNIX server although I can see the DigiBoard on the Terminal Server and its 8 COM devices. I can also see the application (Tiny Term) on the Terminal Server, but it will not initialize (bring up a login screen). There are other local “terminal workstations” connected to the UNIX Server through this same SPECIALIX box, and they work fine. I tried a null modem to no avail. Is there something I am missing (obviously)? Can anyone help. The application (TinyTerm) comes up but will not present a LOGIN prompt when I hit the ENTER key (process used for logging in using dialup or dedicated line). What am I doing wrong? I have tried changing settings to no avail. Need help.

See my reply in the hardware forum.