EdgePort / 8 - Win CE 5 - Port Open Problem

Good morning at all,

i have a problem with this device,
when i connect it to my Embedded PC running windows CE 5.0 (1400),
my device open all 8 port and from the system i can see that,
but when i try to open the ports, i can open only 3 of the 8 ports,
when i try to open the 4’ port the system explain me that the COMX: does not exist.

Anyone can help me?

Thank in advance,

Hello Simone,

  1. What is the serial number of the Edgeport/8?

  2. What is the 50xxxxxx part number and revision of the Edgeport/8?

Look on the white label on the bottom of the unit to get this information.

  1. What kind of CPU does the Embedded PC have?

  2. Which Edgeport driver are you running? (We have different kinds for different CPU types) Have you tried any of the others?

  3. What is the color and activity of the Edgeport’s System Status LED when the Edgeport is idle? What about when the Edgeport is being used, for example, when some software has one or more of the COM ports open?

Hello Jeremym,

  1. The serial number is (S)I01845979

  2. The Part Number is (1P) 50001314-01

  3. The Embedded have an ARM9 CPU

  4. I use the last driver from DIGI => 40002539_E, and the dll for the ARM720

  5. The Led is green and it blink

In the system i can see all the 8 port, but when i try to open it with Putty CE, Tera Term CE, with my software, i can open only 3 of the 8 serial port.

Many Thanks

According to engineering, the ARM9 CPU type is not supported, so I suspect that’s the cause of the problem you’re running into.

I will open a “change request” for engineering to create a new driver to support the ARM9 CPU.

In order to prioritize that change request within engineering’s roadmap, you should contact your local Digi sales representative to discuss your application in more detail. About how many Edgeports do you have that are being affected by this problem, both now and potentially in the future? Where are you located?

Hello Jeremym,

i’ve contacted my local support and he gave me the same answer,
now i proceed with it for future questions about this problem