Help on using Freescale


I am trying to do exactually that: put a program on the module’s firmware.
I douwnloaded Freescale and CodeWarrior as instructed on digi’s documents, but the provided Digi’s Codebase return’s an error on Freescale software when trying to create a new project using them.

What could I do about it?


I have the exact same problem.

Using BeeKit 1.9.6 from the Freescale website, and using the Digi codebase which is on the website section for XBee / XBee PRO 802.15.4 (under “Documentation”).

You load the codebase in BeeKit - and select New Project - and BeeKit stops with an error message and it fails completely. So basically you can not develop your own firmware for the XBee 802.15.4 module using Freescale BeeKit.

It appears to me that unfortunately Digi do not support third parties developing firmware for XBee modules in any decent manner (unlike MaxStream who offered full support).


I have the same problem when I try to do a new project using the Beekit 1.9.8, in the document said that what they explain is for use in the Beekit REV 1.5, anybody know where can I download this software? (the old version) or how to migrate the codebase from the Beekit 1.5 to Beekit 1.9.8.


There are a couple threads in the forum which talk about Code Warrior. Please reference these first and see if your answer is there:,256#974,450#1742


Let me clarify this for you.

Prior to the purchase of MaxStream by Digi, MaxStream offered some basic instructions and the modified files for the FreeScale BeeKit version 1.0.6. and that is all that was offered. No additional documentation or assistance was offered. If additional help was needed, you needed to contact FreeScale directly. Since the acquisition of MaxStream, the same exact documentation and files were offered. Keep in mind that neither company ever developed additional documentation or files to support the later versions of the BeeKit. In addition, this option was always intended to be On your own code development option. As such, it may be necessary for you to look at the modified files that are provided for the proper Bee kit and make the changes to the new BeeKit on your own or with FreeScales assistance.