How to bypass the TCP/IP Stack and send OSI Layer 3 Data

I have a Xbee WIFI module and I want to implement my own layer 4 protocol on a host uC.

How do I command the module to send my data frames?

The WIFI module does not allow you the ability to remove the protocol stacks and implement your own.

So there is not functionality to send your own Layer 4 Frames?

Just this morning, mvut answered my question essentially explaining that xbee-any module is meant to be serial line replacement for not-so-bright MCU hosts, now much beyond that, regardless network. This upsets me somewhat (at digi) but also helps me align my projects better with their products. FYI, you can’t control sockets. They get created automatically and closed without much programmatic control.

Then this means that, I choose the wrong module for my product offering. At least I finally understand. Caio Digi.