how to change the destination address of xbee enddevice without connecting it to the computer!!!

Hi guys, i’m a new user to xbee and here’s my ques— consider there are 2 xbees and i wanted to know if it is possible to broadcast the lower addr of xbee1 and when xbee2 receives this i want to change the dest addr in xbee2 without connecting it to a terminal?? this even possible???..if so how can i do it???.. :?

any help would be appreciated greatly!!!..thanks :slight_smile:

I think you can do this through the coordinator in API mode.

This may help:

thank you for the reply…
i know how to broadcast the addr but my problem is the changing the dest addr without connecting it to a computer…i mean say my xbee2 can communicate with xbee1 but when xbee2 receives the lower byte of the 64bit addr of another xbee (say xbee3)…can i change the dest addr in xbee2 to the addr of xbee3 without having to do this manually by connecting it to a computer??..any idea on how to do it??..or is it even possible???