How to integrated the Xbee Sensor to Third Party Devices (MPM Schneider)?

Good afternoon.

I have four XBee Sensor L / T / H sensors that I want to integrate into a Schneider BMS System. For this I have an MPM (Multi Purpose Manager) device that has a ZigBee Pro protocol and 24 MHz frequency with 16RF channels. Could someone help me know the settings that I should make to my device?

  • Node Type: Coordinator or Router
  • PAN ID:
  • Channel: 11 to 26 (16 RF channels)
  • Tx Power (dBm):

Your device needs to be a Coordinator. The Coordinator should select both the channel and PAN ID.

The LTH sensor is going to need to be reconfigured from Zigbee network specific to zigbee PRO (ZS parameter). You are going to need to do this from an XBee that is configured as a Coordinator in API mode.