How to remove earlier connected edgeport devices to reuse COM-port numbers

How do I remove information on earlier connected devices to reuse COM# “blocked” by the removed device. Some where is it registred in my computer. By this in the config utility I know it is registred some where. “COM Port Assignment: Based on converter serial number. (Default)” How to reset this knowledge.

Do the COM ports that you wish to remove appear in Device Manager as Hidden Devices? Please refer to the KB article below (keeping in mind that this KB article is not Edgeport-specific).

KB article works, BUT when I reconnect an earlier used device the it got the same port numbers as before I uninstalld the devices. I want the devices to use lowest not connected com-port number when they was installed again. Now I have to re-assign all 20-99 ports from 20-100 to 4-84 because I first tried a new device just to check functionality and after that connected the working solution.