How to troubleshoot connection loss with Anywhere USB/14

We experience connection losses on our license server with AnywhereUSB/14.
The CodeMeter (USB license dongles) device driver log shows detection of device removals/insertions.
2019-03-21 05:40:04: Removable Device has been plugged OUT!

2019-03-21 05:40:40: Removable Device has been plugged IN!

How can we generate logs in the Anywhere USB device and/or Anywhere USB utilities on the Windows server machine (Windows 2012R2) to investigate the problem (Anywhere USB or network problem) ?

Are you running the latest AWUSB firmware and driver, and the latest driver for this USB license dongle?

What is the symptom of a problem other than these logs? Did something cause you to look at these logs?

Has this issue always happened since this AWUSB was installed for this project? Or is this a new issue with an installation that has been previously working well?

To answer your question, it is not possible to get user-level logs. Digi has ways to get special proprietary logs on an as-needed basis but you would need to go through the tech support channel and exhaust basic troubleshooting first.

Thanks for the response!
The firmware and the device driver was not on the latest version. We upgraded both components on last Monday, Apr. 01 to the latest version.
We also experienced the problem sometimes during the year 2018, but it was much lower frequent then this year.
The symptom is: A Flexnet based license server stops with detecting USB dongle removal. (The USB dongle provides the hostID for the license server. The server is a virtual machine, the USB dongle is connected to the VM via AnywhereUSB/14.)
The two log lines I attached previously are from the Codemeter log. The Codemeter is the device driver of the USB dongles. Our plan is to compare/associate the logs from the different protocol levels like License manager, Codemeter, AWUSB, network at the next actual time of problem.