How to update firmware on XB8-DMUS-002 using XBIB-U-SS


For several days I’m fighting with the update failure issue.
In details:

  1. I used XCTU with the same result (6.3.14 on Windows and 6.3.13 on Mac OS)
  2. By default, I can’t find the modules (I tried 3 modules) with the Discovery Tool in XCTU by default. Only after sending several commands (+++, etc) via serial console I able to discover and read them
  3. I tried to update the module with the help of Update Firmware button, but the pop-up window (Action Require) never goes out, despite how many times I press the Reset button on XBIB. The error - Could not enter programming mode, could not reset the module.
  4. Firmware recovery gives the error - There is not an active bootloader in the module

Could you help me in finding the solution in this awkward issue?