I have few questions about Digi Connect Wi-ME


I am starting to design a portable wireless 3 axis acceleration meter. I am just find out the Digi products and I have few questions.

first of all a few of my project tasks:

The acceleration sensor uses a I2C or an SPI interface.
I need about 256Kbytes of RAM for temporary buffer my measures.
The range of wireless mast be at least 30-40 meters

I am thinking to use the Digi Connect Wi-ME for the end product ant the Digi Connect Wi-ME Digi JumpStart Kit for development.

Now the questions are:

Witch is the range of Digi Connect Wi-ME in open area??

Can I use the GPIO of the Digi Connect Wi-ME to build an SPI Master???

Can I use the Digi Connect Wi-ME RAM to buffer my measures???

It is possible to use the plug and play firmware as a base and implement the necessary code that allows me to transmit/resave data, not from the external serial port, but from RAM or SPI interface???

Can I use an USB wireless Ethernet card on the PC side and access the Connect Wi-ME as a virtual com port with the realport driver?

Is the Connect Wi-ME Digi JumpStart Kit conteins all the development tools tha I will need or I will need to bye some other tools??

I know that I am asking nonsense’s ant that the answer for all the above is possibly YES , but I need a confirmation

Thanks in advance


PS : Sorry about my English, I hope is not all Greeks to you ……

You’ll need the Wi-EM Jumpstart kit, as the EM/Wi-EM have access to an SPI interface. The JSK’s come with all the tools you need to develop you own code for the modules.

The Wi-EM has 8MB of RAM, so malloc’ing 256kb shouldn’t be an issue.

The Plug and Play firmware comes with the Integration Kit and doesn’t give you access to the SPI interface.