I'm a newbie, did I brick my xbee?

OK, after working on finishing my arduino to arduino sketches with my two xbee pro’s s1, I decided to change some of the sleep parameters on my xbee that does the transmitting. I selected some sleep parameters to test my genius and I wrote the config with XCTU.

I guess I’ll call it the Rip Van Winkle effect, now my xbee is too sleepy to respond to anything. I’ve tried to wake it by seeing when it wakes and trying to clear memory. I’ve been unable to wake. it.

I’ve seen posting about a reset switch. I don’t have an rs232 board. I do have:

  1. XCTU
  2. a sparkfun explorer
  3. an adafruit xbee connector
  4. lots of embarrassment for getting myself into this predicament

Any suggestions on how to fix Rip Van Winkle before his 100 years expire?


Ok I fixed it by reading this post: http://www.jsjf.demon.co.uk/xbee/faq.htm#q10

Thanks for adding your resolution … I’m more an S2 guy than S1 so was waiting for others to consider answering you :slight_smile:

Ok I fixed it by reading this post: http://www.jsjf.demon.co.uk/xbee/faq.htm#q10

Congratulations to you,but i am still stuck at the same problem.

Can anybody from Digi Co. help me in here ?

Can Xbee2 module be recoevered w/o using a development board



How about:

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Things I try in X-CTU when my XBees get a little lost are:

make sure the baud rate and handshake are correct.

Is the xbee in API mode?

I installed a reset button.

Some times it helps to force a download of the firmware.

You don’t require a Digi XBIB dev board, but unless your time is priceless (meaning you work for free) then you’ve probably already lost more money than you saved by not buying one.

Any Xbee carrier board from SparkFun or Arduino suppliers which support TX/RX, RTS & DTR to the XBee should be able to reflash and manage the XBee. Having access to a reset button also helps.

I ran into a similar situation today. XBee S2 that appeared to be bricked, however it turned out to be improper handshaking. If the usual Digi method of un-bricking does not work, try tying the RTS_N line low. As it turns out I had programmed D6 to respond to RTS_N, which for my application was correct. But the Arduino shield I was using does not use RTS_N. So the XBee was waiting to send data but the RTS_N line never went low. Tied it to ground temporarily, and then reprogrammed D6 to “Disabled”. Now it works fine again.