Is there a way to get the Polycom to work?

I have a anywhereUSB/2 and I am trying to connect a polycom cx5000 to it. I am getting a device cannot start but it sees the device just fine. If i plug in directly to the computer it will work. I have tried a usb mouse on the anywhereusb and it works fine. I have also updated the drivers to the latest version.

Generally speaking, audio and video USB devices are incompatible with the AnywhereUSB, particularly if they are “isochronous” with regards to the USB transfer type specification. Can you contact Polycom and ask if this device is “isochronous” with regards to USB communications?

Also, if you haven’t already, try this:

Run the AWUSB config util, click File / Preferences, click “Use Microsoft Device IDs”, click Save, then Disconnect from the AWUSB then Connect back to it. See if this makes a difference.

According to their website they are isochronous thus it appears this will not work for us. Thanks for your help