PortserverII problem--connection speed can only be 9600k, help!

I use windows xp client to dial into portserverII using PPP connection, I have to set line baud rate to 9600 instead of 115200 in PortServerII, otherwise can’t build up dial-up connection. Please help!

Telnet to the Portserver II and issue the following command (once logged in as root):

set line range=## baud=9600

where ## is the port number of the port where the modem is connected. * can be used instead to apply this setting to all ports.

To see what other options are available: set line ?

I did that as what I mentioned above:

set line range=* baud=9600
set flow range=* cts=on rts=on

It works with above settings, but the problem is the speed can only up to 9.6K in real file tranferring! although the modem connection in windows client said the speed is 50K or so.

If change the baud rate to 115200 or even 28800, it still failed.

Help please!

The command I gave you will set the Portserver II line speed to 9600 baud. You can check this by doing “set line range=*” and verifying that.

As far as the modem connect speed goes, we have no control over that so you’d need to call your modem manufacturer to find out how to set the connect speed to 9600.

If that isn’t what you’re looking for, please call Tech Support or open an online support request so we can get more details on this issue. A support fee may apply if phone support is needed, depending on the age of your product.