Problems with SYN/570i (PCI)

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I need your help I have a SYN/570i (PCI)with adaptador of 78 pines with 4 peripherals cables of 26 pines and one of this cable I need to connect to router Cisco with port serial.

On digi card, the cables has 26 pines small female. On the router I have a cisco cable with serial to RS232 female, but it dont apply for this connection.

do need I other connector? a transceiver?,etc

Please help me to solve this issue.

The Digi cable (db78 to db26) allows you to connect another type Digi cable to the 26 pin connector.
This additional cable comes in a variety of types depending on the interface type need to connect to your equipment.
You can see the 4 cable types at teh bottom of this page:
Howqever, the ports on the DataFire SYNC/570i are synchronous ports, not asynchronous.
Is the Cisco port also a synchronous port or is it asynchronous?
If the Cisco port is asynchronous, you cannot connect the the Cisco port to the Digi synchronous port using any of the cable types.
You will have to connect the Cisco to a standard asynchronous rs232 serial port.

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Regarding your question “Is the Cisco port also a synchronous port or is it asynchronous?”: It´s Synchronous.
I can see the URL and appear the “DataFire SYNC/570i PCI RS-232 DB-25 Cable” Is it male? in order to connect the cisco cable that is RS232 female. (attach 2 images).

Other contact suggest buy an adaptor with both ports male for 26pin (multicable digi -female) and 25pin(Cisco-female, but I dont know if it has DIGI for the customer?

Thanks very much and I will be waiting news.

Nohora Gordillo

The cable (76000293) is db26 (for the Digi side) and db25 male for connectiong to the other equipment. It is 74 inches long.

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My problem was solved.

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