Programmable serial i/f and data mapping

Is there any possibility to provide my own serial-port interface handling (detection and use of the parity bit), and data transformation? I am looking at being able to extend the device firmware for a specific application.

First, you mean with the Connect SP, right?

this comes in 2 versions.

The ‘embedded’ version you need to get a dev kit, JTAG and write your own application in C/C++. You shoudl be able to make the serial port do anything which it can support via hardware. You won’t be able to (for example) make it support 17 data bits or only 3, but you can do quite a bit of transformation.

If you wish to do ‘bit-banging’ of the port like some old-fashioned PC apps, I think the SP has a format UART and so you can’t control the TX/RX pins directly.

The other version of the SP supports Python, so one can easily create a serial import & transformation applications. For example many customer use the SP to import a simple serial protocol and upload using HTTP/XML.

The current unit supports