RCM67xx configuring I/O and serials C-F

Hi !
Currently using BL4S160, but now converting my app to use RCM67xx
How to configure the the pins PAx,PBx,…PEx to input or output or serial ports C,D,E,F ? In BL4S160 this was already done in boardinit().
I know there is IOCONFIG-utility (dyn C 10…66), but that is for RCM4000 processors. Can it be used also for RCM67xx ?
In BLS4Sxxx computers there were also functions digin(inumber) and digout(onumber,state) Do I have to make my own using the cryptic BitWRT ?
Has anybody good examples for RCM67xx ?
Would like to number inputs 0…x and outputs 0…y