Rebooting after disconnect?

The device seems to be working ok, except for one issue. Is the device supposed to reboot after every disconnect? In other words, I am using it with PC1 and then I disconnect so that I can connect it to PC2. The device reboots and 40 seconds later I can connect.


You don’t come out and say it but it seems you’re referring to the AnywhereUSB here. That’s how I am answering it. If you’re referring to something else (like our ConnectPort display) let me know.

As far as the AnywhereUSB is concerned this is normal behavior. The AnywhereUSB needs to be reset (rebooted) so it can then be taken over by another system. That being said when I recreate it here it only takes about 20-25 seconds after the disconnect before the second PC can take over.

I would imagine this is probably due to a lot of variables…I am not sure of your topology or which version of our drivers you’re using.

I am using our latest drivers and just have the AnywhereUSB hooked up to a switch on our local Lan.

I am not sure exactly how I could help you get that time down but of course you are more than welcome to experiment with any switch settings that you have available to you.

Hope this helps.


Good enough. Thanks for the reply.