RF Firmware

I switched the XBee chip with the XBee Pro Series 2 chip and it won’t display the connected nodes. When I click on firmware, it says device unknown, firmware unknown. I was searching for the firmware and I found a zip file with a bunch of ebl files, but I don’t know which one to use.

I’m on a Connectport X2 ethernet gateway.

This is a link to what I found.


So you are using an Xbee placed within an CPX2?

Put the XBee PRO in the USB dev board and make sure that it has the API Coordinator firmware, so for Zigbee it would XBP24-ZB firmware such as 2141 or 2163. If your XBee PRO was the one you obtained with your dev kit, then it will NOT have the correct firmware - will be Router only. The standard X2/X4/X8 firmware cannot “auto fix” an Xbee with an unknown firmware.

Here is an interesting, indirect answer which might be more work that it’s worth - but it would work if you don’t have a dev board or your PC doesn’t like the USB serial ports.

The CPX2 has an interesting feature which the X4 and X8 lack. If you reflash the CPX2 to use 82001631 firmware (without python) instead of the 82001596 (with python) you can actually turn off the special “smart” handling of the CPX2’s XBee. Then installing Digi Realport allows the CPX2 to appear like COM2 (or COM10 etc) to XCTU. This permits you to have an Ethernet-based “dev board”.

See this wiki page:

As Lynn mentioned, your XBee-PRO will need “Coordinator API” firmware loaded on it in order to work within your CP-X2.

Since the CP-X2 won’t be able to “talk” to that XBee-PRO until it has API-enabled firmware is on it, you’ll need to write the firmware on this XBee-PRO with an XBIB Development board.

Once the XBee-PRO has API firmware, your CP-X2 will be able to see it again, and it in turn will be able to see other devices on the PAN that share the same PAN ID, channel, and security settings.

I have a working CPX2 with a regular XBee chip in it with this firmware.
Device Information:

Product : ConnectPort X2
Firmware Version : (Version 82001596_E1 04/10/2009)
Boot Version : 1.1.2 (release_82001228_A)
Post Version : 1.1.3 (release_82001229_F)
Product VPD Version : release_82001628_A
Product ID : 0x0056
Hardware Strapping : 0x07BF

Radio Type: XBee ZNet 2.5 / ZB (0x1941)
Firmware: 0x1141

I have another of the same gateway, so this one I am putting an XBee Pro Series 2 chip in to run the same software. It has the same firmware and I upgraded to…

Radio Type: XBee-PRO ZNet 2.5 / ZB (0x1a45)
Firmware: 0x2141

It says the upgrade was successful, but none of the XBee Sensors are getting picked up. Do I need to get XBee Pro Sensors for this to work?

Also I noticed the PAN Id is now a lot larger. (0x0000000000000234) Is this still the same as 0x234 on the regular XBee?

I believe we’ve just found the problem.

The 1141 firmware you have running on one CP-X2 is ZNet 2.5 firmware, whereas the 2141 firmware running on the other CP-X2 is ZB. ZB and ZNet 2.5 don’t communicate with each other,

If you want all devices to communicate to each other properly, you’ll need to load the ZB firmware on all of them (ZNet 2.5 firmware is considered obsoleted by the ZB firmware, since ZNet 2.5 isn’t Zigbee Pro featureset compliant).