Serial Into Xbee

Hi, New to Xbee so please forgive me.

I have 2 XBP24BZ7SIT modules, and I am trying to make a DMX transmitter/Reciever.

If I put the Data+ from my DMX to the DIN pin of the module, do I need to do anything else? Will I recieve the same RS485 Signal on the other end? How or what do I need to configure in XCTU to pair the two modules.


In the ZigBee communication, it is necessary to form the network, which is originated by coordinator. Therefore you need to program one xbee module as coodinator AT and one xbee module as router AT by selecting ‘show default’ in the X-CTU software. Then apply same channel and PanID to both the modules using SC and ID parameters respectively from the X-CTU modem configuration tab. Now assign SH and SL of one module to DH and DL of other module and vice versa.

Npw after successful parameter setting written on the module, start the coordinator first and then router.

In order for you to interface with a 485 device (DMX), you will need some additional circuitry. Please refer to the following link to give you an idea of how Digi interfaces their modules (XTend in this case) with 485 communication.

Shahrj- Thanks. That helps.

Rocker- How can I apply this to an Xbee Module, this isnt making sense. What would I need to put the DMX signal into before the xbee.