Sizing of a server with connected more than 20 PortServers

We prepare for our customer, a retail company in Poland , an offer for a server dedicated to print sales slips in more than 20 stores in whole Poland.

In Poland the sales slips are printed on a special kind of printers, so-called “fiscal printers”. The fiscal printers are connected using serial port RS232. It is decided to use one dedicated server and PortServers (TS1/8/16) for printing of sales slips in more than 20 stores in whole Poland.

I need support in sizing of such a server.

I have tried to find information about hardware-requirements of RealPort and how much RAM and processor time consumes sending serial data to one connected PortServer. Unfortunately I could not find such information on DIGI’s web site and in the PortServers’ technical specification.

The server dedicated for printing of sales slips will be run under MS Windows 2003 Server. Moreover following software will be installed and run on this server: DIGI RealPort, Ultra VNC Server (rarely used, only remote access for an administrator). For diagnostic purpose will be installed WireShark, but it will not be usually. IMPORTANT: the server will be used to intensively (up to 50 pro minute) exchange short text files (from 0,1 up to 4 kB) with other computers using shared folders (CIFS) � could it is affect for the work of the RealPort driver (sorry for lame question)?

Thanks a lot for your help.