Star network problem

Hello Everyone…

I have 3 X bee Pro devices. I want to connect them as a star network.

I named xbee1 as ‘A’, xbee2 as ‘B’ and xbee3 as ‘C’.

I need communication like this,
A<------> B <------->C (That is both ‘A’ and ‘C’ need two way communication with X bee ‘B’)

I tried by configuring X bee ‘A’ and ‘C’ as ZIGBEE END DEVICE AT (also tried by configuring ZIGBEE ROUTER AT) and X bee ‘B’ as ZIGBEE COORDINATOR AT by using X-CTU Software.

I set same PAN id for all 3 x bee devices and
Coordinators (‘B’)
DH = 00.
and Routers/End Devices (‘A’ and ‘C’)
DH = 00.
DL = 00.

I checked the communication. i found it was working but the problem is that Communication between X bees are very much Slow.

Their is any new setup need to speed up the communication??

Please help…

When using the broadcast function to send data to more than one node, your communications will be slow. That is the nature of a Mesh network. You see on a broadcast packet, that packet must be retransmitted by all routers within the BH value where as a Unicast transmission can be sent to the one node within the NH value. The only delay in the Unicast is the Rout Discovery where as with the broadcast, there are required delays to allow the other routers re-transmit the data.