TS4 Upgrade failure - Upload status: Not a proper FEP image

Attempts to upgrade my Portserver TS4 to the latest POST (and Firmware) builds are failing. Both HTTP and TFTP upgrade methods come back with the “Upload status: Not a proper FEP image.” msg. Is this is truly an image issue? I have tried images for both the “Postserver TS 2/4 (legacy)” and “Postserver TS 1/2/4–MEI”, and get the same error. I should mention my TS4 device is currently running a very old Version 82000716_K build (from 2005). Is this possibly an upgrade path issue (i.e. from a very old to latest version)? Any feedback/suggestion is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Did you ever figured this out? I’m running into the same issue when trying to upgrade from a 2005 build (Version 82001204_H 02/18/2005)

@j_omega I’m afraid I have not.